Welcome to Give Hope

We have lofty goals and dreams. With our students we dream of children in Guatemala attending the university or trade schools and becoming doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, engineers, nurses, dentists, electricians, etc. With your help as Sponsors, we improve the lives of these children by placing them in school and providing them with the encouragement, support, and help they need to succeed.

Our Mission

To promote support and establish educational opportunities for motivated and qualified children in the highlands of Guatemala; thereby achieving lasting changes in their lives.

Our Vision

We seek to empower every child: ending poverty through education.

Give Hope Foundation Values

Respect, Responsibility, Discipline, Diligence, Honesty.

We do this by...

  1. Partnering with other nonprofits organizations, and individuals, whose missions and values align with those of Give Hope Guatemala Education Foundation.
  2. Providing scholarships to students in need so they can attend one of the schools located here in Patzicía.
  3. Bringing children in from the camps so they can attend school.
  4. Providing scholarships for children who have dropped out of school so they can attend government sponsored study-at-home, and school-on-line programs.
  5. Providing mentoring to drop-outs so they can finish Diversificado (Career High School).
  6. Provide scholarships so students can attend trade schools or the university.

Give Hope Guatemala Education Foundation is a nonprofits corporation, dedicated to education and improving the lives of families in Guatemala.

The Foundation has U.S. 501(c)(3)Federal tax-exempt status.

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