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We are happy to have been able to rescue some students who would not have had the opportunity to study this year in a regular classroom due to the costs of uniforms, school supplies, and the monthly fees. We decided to do something different because we noticed that a significant number of schools have low standards of education, and have increased incidents of bullying. So, we put a number of students in a Study-On-Line program that is headquartered in a prestigious school in Guatemala City while our students study here in Patzicia. GIVE HOPE pays the tuition, and the LDS Church has opened up the Family History Center for them to use to study. The students are suffering a bit due to the high standards of education, the need to do research, and the technology, but with our support we are seeing great improvements. THANK YOU SPONSORS!

(Left to right: Rosa, Nancy, Eduardo, Julio, Brenda, Sofia, and Blanca.)


We at GIVE HOPE have been supporting children in Grade School, Junior High, and High School, and in a Study-at-Home-Program for those who dropped out (or were taken out to help their families work in the fields). We have also helped a few students attend the university. We will continue to do all this, but now we are prepared to help more students and adults attend higher education institutions (such as nursing schools), or attend a university.

We are currently working on the 2016 school year and will assist students in attending BYUPATHWAY, BYUIDAHO, and some other highly respected Guatemalan On-Line Universities such as the Universidad Panamericana and Universidad Occidente. We will also help those students who have the time and resources to attend a higher learning institution (such as a nursing school), or a university on campus.

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Just a few short years ago parents in the mountains of Guatemala didn't think it necessary to send their daughters to school; and sent their sons just long enough to learn how to read, write, and add, so they could be put to work. Things have changed during the last ten years; we now have a generation of parents who want to see their children educated – and children who want to be educated. Some families can now put their children in a public school, and a few can put them in private schools. However, due to the cost of uniforms, shoes, underwear, school supplies, and the cost of sending their children with a lunch, many families still don't have the means to send their children to any school, so many children are still working in the fields, or hired out as servants, or work in local small business where they work for a few quetzals a day.

We want to help children go to school. It is a lofty goal and if we are to succeed we need your help to be able to help these children. We have done this long enough to know that education is the key to getting children out of poverty, and on their way to a happy productive life here in Guatemala.

Parents and children choose from one of the many schools located here in PatzicĂ­a, Chimaltenango, (Bethel, Mesias, Colegio Mesoameriano, Sion, and Imebco, Buen Pastor, and Santuario, for example). Since some schools cost more than others in tuition and fees, prices of uniforms, and in the amount of school supplies required, the families chose according to how much they can collaborate with us in the amount of funds it will cost to educate their child. At the same time we look for schools that do a good job of educating.

Children attend school from PreKinder through 9th grade. Then the final years of education (10th through 11th or sometimes 12th grades) students must chose a career path called Diversificado. Students then change schools and choose a career studying agriculture, auto mechanics, accounting, secretary, medicine, tourism and hotels, or teaching, to name a few. Students are then prepared to work after high school.

During the school year we check on the progress of the children and give help and counsel where needed. Every two months we send out photos, report cards, and a letter from the sponsored child.

Children sign up for school in October and part of November. Then again in January families that haven't signed up their children, turn up to see if we can help them. School runs from January through October.

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Although it costs from $500 to $1,500 a year to educate a child in Patzicía, depending on which school we put them in, we ask for, if possible, a $500 donation per year, per child. (However, we gladly accept any donations.)

Donations are used to pay for inscription, monthly tuition, special fees and quotas, textbooks and copies, school supplies, and uniforms, depending on the needs of the family, and the amount of the scholarship we receive. Some schools cost more than others, so if parents choose an expensive school, then they must come up with part of the cost of educating their child. Some students need more help than others thereby needing more than one sponsor. Some families cannot afford shoes or underwear, or a backpack for example. This means that GIVE HOPE must provide those. We also have families who cannot afford to send their children to school with a snack or lunch. When possible, we try to take care of that. This means that some children may not need the full sponsorship, while others need more.

Helping Those Who Need It The Most

GIVE HOPE has little overhead because we are not operating a school. We are extremely proud of our efforts to use as little as possible for overhead costs. We know that keeping that to an unbelievable minimum allows to us complete our mission of educating children so they have a bright, happy, and successful future.