Education Moving Forward
Just a few short years ago parents in the mountains of Guatemala didn't think it necessary to send their daughters to school; and sent their sons just long enough to learn how to do the basics - so they could be put to work. Things have changed during the last ten years. We now have a generation of parents who want to see their children educated. However, due to the cost of uniforms, shoes, school supplies, lunch, etc., many families still don't have the means to send their children to any school.

No one person can change the world, but you can change the world for one person.

Helping Children Go to School
We want to help children go to school. It is a lofty goal and if we are to succeed we need your help. We have done this long enough to know that education is the key to getting children out of poverty, and on their way to a happy productive life here in Guatemala.

Grading & Careers
Children attend school from PreKinder through 9th grade. Then the final years of education (10th through 11th or sometimes 12th grades) students must chose a career path called Diversificado where they choose a career studying agriculture, auto mechanics, accounting, secretary, medicine, tourism and hotels, or teaching, to name a few. Students are then prepared to work after high school.

The School Year
School runs from January through October.

Although it costs from $500 to $1,500 a year to educate a child, depending on which school we put them in, we ask for, if possible, a $500 donation per year, per child. (However, we gladly accept any donations.)

Donations are used to pay for inscription, monthly tuition, special fees and quotas, textbooks and copies, school supplies, and uniforms, depending on the needs of the family, and the amount of the scholarship we receive. Some families cannot afford shoes, underwear, a backpack, or lunch for example. This means that GIVE HOPE must provide those.