About the Team
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Denise Francis

Founder of Give Hope Guatemala Education Foundation.

Denise Francis earned her Bachelor's Degree in History from Brigham Young University and her Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Utah. She was born in England, reared her family in the United States, and is currently living in Guatemala. At a young age she developed a keen interest in helping the disadvantaged, and later when the opportunity arose to help children located in the highlands of Guatemala, she accepted it. Ms Francis has worked in the area of education as a teacher, and Director of a school where she implemented literacy and math programs. She works to empower children by providing them with better access to education, strengthening the children and their families by encouraging and teaching valuable knowledge and life skills. She believes that education is the key to leaving behind the poverty that prevails in the mountains of Guatemala.

Carlos Miculax

Dr. CARLOS MICULAX, Vice President
A desire to help others.

Dr. Carlos Miculax (Dentist) was born and raised in Patzicía, a little town in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. He speaks Kaqchikel (his parent's native language), Spanish and English. He took a break from his studies at the University of San Carlos to serve as a missionary in Panama for two years. After seeing first-hand the devastating effects of illiteracy and poverty in his native land, he is pleased to serve as Vice President of Give Hope Guatemala helping others. Dr. Miculax currently lives in Guatemala City. He enjoys helping others have better oral hygiene and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Scott Hunter

Believes in Education

Scott Hunter lives in California. He served a Spanish speaking mission in Venezuela and loved serving the good people of Venezuela. He loves helping others who may need a hand. Scott received his Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University where he earned his degree in Business Finance. Scott is a third-generation lawyer and enjoys serving his legal clients. He and his beautiful wife have seven beautiful children. He loves spending time with his family and friends. Scott has been a doner to Give Hope Guatemala Education Foundation for several years. He wants to see the children served by the foundation receive a solid education to help them thrive throughout their lives.

Dan Hunter

DAN HUNTER, Secretary and Board Member
Loves serving others.

Dan Hunter was born and raised in California. At the age of nineteen he served for two years as a missionary in Guatemala where he came to love and appreciate the people and their culture. It was there that he learned to appreciate serving others. Dan attended Brigham Young University where he earned his degree in Spanish, with a minor in International Relations. He has been working as a web developer and mobile app developer for the last 25+ years. Dan and his wonderful wife have five children. They currently live in Highland, Utah. Dan has been a sponsor to Give Hope Guatemala Education Foundation for years, and now hopes to do even more for the Foundation and the wonderful people of Guatemala as a Board Member.

Malinda Melville

She loves the Guatemalan People.

Malinda is mom to three boys and grandma to eight beautiful grandchildren. There is nowhere Malinda would prefer to be than with family. She loves many sports, but her favorites are lacrosse, basketball and volleyball. She served as lacrosse and basketball booster president for several years while her sons attended high school. Malinda has served as the President and Secretary of her family foundation where she had the opportunity to oversee donations to charities throughout the world. Her oldest son served an LDS mission to the Guatemala City Central Mission and this is where her love for the Guatemalan people began. She is grateful for opportunity to serve on the board of Give Hope Guatemala. And, we are happy to have her!