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ANTONIA LOR MICULAX is a mom trying to do the best for her family. Her husband Rudy spends most of his time working as a day laborer in the fields trying to earn enough to take care of his family. After paying rent there is little money left over for food and other necessities. Antonia and Rudy have four children living at home with them:

DORCAS is 11 years old
and MARTA is 3 years old.

ANTONIA also works in the fields and on top of that is responsible for keeping house. When she hasn’t been able to do both, then her oldest daughter Dorcas is responsible for the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her younger brother and sisters.

UNFORTUNATELY none of them have ever gone to school and no one in the family knows how to read, write, or do mathematics. After becoming active in her church, she came to realize that her children were the only ones not able to sing the hymns as they could not read. She is now looking for help to provide an education for her children. So, we are looking for a sponsor to help this family. We have put the older three in school and have hired a tutor since they have never held a pen or pencil and have never added a number, so there is a lot of work we need to do to get these children anywhere near grade level. The older daughter (not in the picture) married at 14 to try to seek a better life.

ROSALINA TECÚN MICULAX works at home taking care of her children while her husband works as a day laborer in the fields. After paying rent there is little left for anything other than food. She has three children at home who have never gone to school (neither have the parents) so no one knows how to read and write or do math. She sees how difficult life is for her children and is asking for help to educate them.

RUDY is 10 years old
and GLADYS is 4.

We have put the children in school and have also hired a tutor for the older two children in the hopes that by the end of the year we can get them close to grade level.