What the Children Say...

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MariaLis What MariaLis says

MARIALIS (Girl to left) says

I am so grateful to have a family so we can have activities. We have Family Home Evening where each person can share a thought and a scripture. We also play games.

MariaLis Esquit

Darlyn Darlyn's Thank You Letter


Dear Godfather,

I greet you hoping that God is blessing you. I thank you for the help you give me. I am now studying and have many new friends who I spend time with at recvess. I also have a new teacher called Esdras who is a little strict but I give him my energy with affection.

Kembry Kembry's Thank You Letter


I express a cordial hello to Give Hope and my Godmother. I enjoy my school and all the teachers. I like their way of teaching. My favorite classes are math, accounting, English, and computer. Since I was little I have enjoyed numbers and different languages, and now I find it easy to use a computer. One day I hope to graduate as an engineer in systems. Thank you for the help you have given me.

Marck Marck's Thank You Letter

MARCK says

Dear Godfather,

I send you a hug and thank you for helping me attend school and study. This is a huge help and because of you I can study. I am happy. I thank you for your sacrifice. I wish you all the best in all you have to do and hope you never give up.


Lisbeth Lisbeth's Letter

In LISBETH'S “Thank You” Letter to her sponsor she expresses her gratitude for the help they have given her. She tells them she is going to study more than before and is going to be more dedicated in doing her homework; and more responsible with her time. She realizes she can improve her grades and wants to manifest to them, with good grades, how happy she is to be studying in Colegio Sion. She also mentions that she is learning new things every day and that this will help her progress professionally and that maybe one day she can become a doctor. She will now be working on being more responsible and will be a collaborator. Lisbet is tremendously grateful to her sponsors. Without their help she knows she would not be able to continue her studies.

Lisbet has an older brother and sister and one younger brother. She and her family of 6 live in a small house consisting of two rooms (all four children share a small room), a small bathroom, and an outdoor kitchen. They have few comforts. But she is happy because she can be in school.

Choy Family

BRANDON CHOY is 16 years old in 10th grade. His dad, Pedro, is a maintenance man and his mother, Virginia, is a housewife. Together they make up a happy family dedicated to the education of their 6 children. They know that education is the key to leaving behind the poverty that so prevails here in the mountains of Guatemala. Brandon will be the first person in his family to obtain an education further than the 4th grade. His grandparents do not read or write. His grandfather said Brandon will change the future of the Choy family name.
After 9th grade students must make a career choice. They then attend 10th through 12th grades at a school dedicated to teaching that career. Careers include such fields as: accounting, education, medicine, communication, technical drawing, computers, automotives, and bachillerato (which is to prepare for the university) to name a few. Brandon chose to study agriculture at ENCA which is a national school located in Guatemala City. He lives at the school during the week and goes home for weekends. Thousands of youth apply each year to enter the school, and after many entrance exams and interviews about 100 students are allowed in. Brandon wrote for us what happens in a typical day. spacer blockBRANDON IS TOP RIGHT IN THE PHOTO

“I leave school Friday at 5pm and have to return to school by Sunday at 4pm. Each day I get up at 4:30am and have breakfast at 5am. Then I go to work in the fields with vegetables, flowers, fruits, and animals until 11am. We eat lunch at 11:15am and at 1pm we have theory classes until 9pm. We then have dinner and go to sleep. Some career paths are for two years; this one is for three. After that it will be easier for me to get a job, go to the University on the weekends, and help my family. I am so grateful and happy for this experience. I don’t personally know all the people who have helped and supported me and my family during these years of my studying, but I always pray that our Father in Heaven will bless them for their good hearts, and all they have done for us. I know that I and my family are fortunate and are blessed because of them.”